Begin Again..

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I thought long about what to do with this blog.. I know 2 years is really too long to call a break. But yeah.. Life happens. 🙂

The whole Covid-19 Pandemic has recently taken a toll on our daily routine. Due to the movement control order, many businesses sadly have bid their last goodbye and I believe there will be many more to come.  A lot of people lost their job and very soon we are moving fast toward a whole new level of Global Economic depression. That is just frustrating to see.

Who really predict that the year 2020 will be such a sad year. At the beginning of the year, everyone was talking about flying cars. Many years ago I myself imagine how futuristic 2020 will be.

Today, 03rd May 2020. We have been staying at home for about 47 days now starting from 18th March 2020.  There was an announcement by our beloved Prime Minister that most business will slowly be open back for operation tomorrow. Luckily our state local authorities decided not to follow the Federal decision and will stick to initial 12th May 2020 to mark the whole MCO closure.

Externally I am happy that life without restriction will return and everything will go back to normal soon, but internally I love the comfort of home, the thought of having to go back to 9-6 office hours is just killing me. As I am getting older, I truly enjoy the cozy feeling of lazily wearing pajamas throughout the day.  Yes, work is initially stressful as we loss the boundary of time to finish them, but now that I get the hang of it, I started to love them.

Looking back, this 2 months is truly an amazing experience as it is most likely to never happen again in future. Not only Malaysia, but the whole world is in a somewhat lock down. Some day in future, we may even be proud to tell this story to our younger generations.

I am grateful that despite everything that happen in the world, I am safe from  the many worries, financially, physically and mentally. Today I am thankful that despite a pay cut, I still have my job where I can financially sustain for at least 1 year.  I am thankful despite frequent asthma attack, I still can wake up breathing fine and healthily. I am thankful that the busyness just paused and give us opportunity to stop, calm down and think of life.

I truly believe this is a good sign for change. A new norms.

Maybe now is really the best once in a lifetime chance for us to restart fresh.

To begin again.

Day 0/365

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