Pipstory: Trading and Me

My first encounter to trading

Yes, trading and me, we go all the way back. And yes, my name is that long too.  Haha 🙂

While housekeeping my email, I found this email dated in 07/06/2013. Now the broker’s website don’t even exist anymore. As I read the welcome email, despite being an early adopter, I started to wonder why I didn’t continue to further in trading. And where did I even get money to pay for the minimum deposit of US$250 in 2013? hmmm

Honestly I cannot really remember how I first stumble upon trading. Back in 2010, I was an active blogger. From that experience, I learn a little bit about making money online. I did make some money here and there, so I never doubt the power of Internet. I guess I am a lucky person, right after Traderush, I found the next Forex teacher that I follow till today. Even with bad forex online reputation, I was never scammed or fall into others trap. Which Ironically sad, I fall into my own trap.

Like a regular adults, I do have a lot of regrets.

When we are young, we dream and explore. We do many things out of passion and fall in love with it.  But soon as the bills start accumulating, we stop to focus more on a stable career. Career that pay the bills, feed the mouth and unnecessary spending. And then the busy life just go on.

I personally blame it to my stupid adulting process. In search of my inner-self, I often look back again and wonder why I stop halfway. In blogging and trading, I could have done it part time. I am more than capable of doing it on the side. But no, me being stupid me, just stop everything.  And never really do anything else after that.

It takes a pandemic and 44 days stuck at home for me to realized, this is what I love in the past, was and still is something I think about every now and then. If I cannot truly stop altogether thinking about it, why not just do something seriously about it in the future?

So today mark the first day of that something serious.. Hopefully, I will get better by time.

Day 1/365

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