WordPress Update

Block.. what?

I am having a hard time trying to figure out how to navigate this new feature.

I just updated my WordPress to the latest version of WordPress 5.4.1 this morning and I still do not really understand how the block works. Every time I enter, it keep asking whether I want to add a block.

This is really a big change from the previous version, or maybe its just me because I haven’t update it for a while now. Haha

Other than this, nothing much happen today. I am working all day to get some work done and prepare for upcoming business opening. Yeah, MCO probably lifted in another 1 week, hopefully.

My mission for this upcoming year in this blog, is to learn to journal every single day, even when nothing much to write. I will do it everyday at 7.00PM anyway. I want to take this challenge as a way to discipline myself.

I am sorry, but I am signing off now because this is weird. I will learn how to do this first.

Till then, See you tomorrow.

Day 02/365

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