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Helloooo.. Today lets have a very casual post. 🙂

One Spring day, Jeju Island
I want to be as pretty as a spring in Jejudo.

Just like back in the old days, MissPip would like to remain anonymous for the time being. One day when I am ready, I will be more open to you. I believe being anonymous can make me more honest and real. In this online world, I know it may be hard to trust the unknown, but a little bit of anonymity can also be helpful.

Not everything you see is what you see, even when you know a person well, that knowledge can still be deceiving.

So yeah, a little bit about me that I can share for now is.. I am a female, this year I am 30+ years old. I work in a travel industry because I love traveling. I am quite introvert, but I like talking to strangers (ok sometimes 🙂 ) I enjoy reading and listening to motivational stuff. People who know me think I am very outspoken and confident, but I myself think the opposite, I am pretty shy and have a lot of inner conflict. Maybe because of my curious nature, I tend to ask more questions than others.

I am still single by choice. I love myself and I really love cats. I like being in charge of my life and making choices without thinking about other people opinion. Most of my weekends is spent either sleeping or watching movie. Adventurous, nah not really. I am a homey girl. I love calm life and people kindness. In short I can be quite selfish sometimes. 🙂

Other than this, I am a very boring person. I can be awkward too. I don’t like to purposely or be arrange to meet strangers. I prefer meeting people by accident and mere co-incident.

My current mission in life is to retire by the age of 40, which is why I am very keen to follow the FIRE movement. I love the idea of minimalist and I love the freedom from having money. I fancy some luxury stuff but only for the purpose of rewarding myself.

When I retire, I want to live in a four season country. I dream of living a country life, farming and fruit picking, a very lay back lifestyle. For now, I think I may want to go to New Zealand or maybe Europe. Maybe once in a while here, I will write about this places I want to be. For thoughts is very important to attract them to come to life.

Hmmm.. well thats pretty much about me, MissPip. Nothing much interesting because I can be quite simple too.

Day 03/365

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