The Road Not Taken

Somewhere in Jeju-do

Have you ever wonder how different would your life be if only you make a decision to take a different path?

I couldn’t help but wonder.

When I reflect upon myself, many times I find myself quite resentful to the fact that I now do not have a choice to make a decision to change my path easily.

If only I know 2020 will be like this. If only I know few months before, world economy will get worse, I wouldn’t go and put myself into my current deep holes.

You see.. back in November 2019, I purchase a new high end car for myself. I super love the car, but now I hate the inability to get out of the commitment to pay them off for another few years of my life.

I make a plan beginning of last year to change a career and look into entrepreneurial by the end of 2020 or early 2021. I already save 6 months worth of expenses and I am planning to save more this year. However, now 2 months in 2020, I started using half month of the saving for survival. Although I still have a job, we are getting a pay-cut, in my case a 50% pay-cut for 2 months now.

There are almost no jobs outside as many business closed their door till maybe few more months. I also think it is not very wise for me to change job now as the process to start over may delay my future plan.

When I planned for a job, I once make this vow to follow. Whenever I resign, I will double it the next employment I have. I know its stupid, but its kinda a promise I make to motivate me to keep going. I will be on my 6th year of the same company by this year, so its time for me to move on. However, it is quite impossible for me to be in a 12th year commitment working in a different company. Hence why I prefer start learning about business for my future.

I am not that young anymore. I may not have a family yet, but I do have a dream to start them very soon in the future. So depending on my career, I will need to have a stable income for me to start doing that. Remember, I dream of staying in a four season country.. How can I afford it if I do not have any income yet?

I wish, really wish.. there will be good that come to me by this year. I hope, really hope that that good luck will make up for all the roads not taken in my past life.

Day 04/365

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