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There is a saying that goes ; you are a reflection of the people around you.

I really do not understand this very well until recent years.

Back in 2015 – 2016, I was very active in starting up new venture to make money. That year I join a Supplement Company, Mobile dealership & Tupperware and sell like crazy. I even take and passed the exams to become Insurance advisor. I remember very productive days, after work went to class, or went to seminar and even join open booth in the carnivals. All that despite being busy in my work, facing the worst office politics ever and dealing with bad relationship.

Life was hectic, but money was easy. I enjoy being busy and I love the freedom of spending money to travel. That year, I went to Maldives, Korea, New Zealand, Australia and around peninsular Malaysia all by myself. But as time goes by, slowly I lost my momentum. In the end, I only left with a career. All other ventures was a good memory.

Now when I look back, it was all possible because I was surrounded by few very business-minded people. But as one by one of them left, I slowly missing the moral support I needed to keep business alive. Then things get comfortable and life become stable. I lost my mojo.

End of 2017, I remember how I wanted to quit my job as well. I prepare well, have a good few months plan, enough fund but then I got scared. Maybe I was too comfortable that I am afraid to be uncomfortable. And I was persuaded by people’s sweet talk, I was reminded by my career vow, how I am already half way into it. That’s how easy I give up.

What I learn from this experience is that, I realized how vulnerable I can be. Moving forward, If I wanted to be successful in something, I need to be surrounded by the like minded people. Very close to those people. They may not necessarily motivate me every time, by just being around them can make me super committed to the goals.

And truthfully, I miss those people. And sure enough, I miss the freedom from those money.

Hmm well.

Day 05/365

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