Sunday Vibe

Home sweet home

As every other Sunday recently, my day started quite late. I wake up around noon due to my new pastime hobby of reading novel all night long. I downloaded few apps that offer free Novel and fill up my day with wonderful adventure.

I used to love books so much. I love the smell of new books, it give me a sense of calm and peace whenever I touch them. I love spending hours and hours strolling and looking at different type of books in a bookstore. I used to buy so many books but I wasn’t sure since when I get so busy, to not even manage to finish reading a single book that I ever bought.

Ever since I was exposed to the concept of minimalist, I stop buying books and opt for audible or E-book instead. Once in a while I do splurge to buy motivational book, which I know I will take more time reading and understanding them.

Waking up without alarm clock is a tiny pleasure that I really appreciate every weekends. After making coffee, I like to just sit still or lay down and do nothing. Sometimes I feel like a sloth on weekends. Its probably because of the busy weekdays, my energy get so drain by the mid of Saturday. Sometimes I even have to force myself to do a little bit of cleaning and laundry.

There is no difference how I spend my Sunday during normal weekends or MCO weekends. I even feel more grateful having this few month break to enjoy. Today, we heard the announcement that even though Conditional MCO will be extended till 9th June, most business can start by tomorrow. Such a sad news for me. Now I am just waiting for confirmation from our HR whether we need to be in office already or not by tomorrow. Hopefully not, finger crossed!

If ever asked what is my favorite day, that would be Sunday. Coz yeah, who don’t love Sunday right?

Day 07/365

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