Never be the same again

Once passed, will never be the same again. Udo Island, Jeju-do

Hello pipsss…

I know I have posted too many Jeju-do pictures nowadays. 🙂

Well that’s because I visited Jeju-do few times in Spring, the weather is nice, food is delicious, people is kind, well some~ and I love this place so much! So many good memory.

I first visited South Korea in November 2013, it was my first ever solo backpacking trip. This is the first country where I truly spend time doing nothing for a month, finding myself again, while relying on people kindness.

Imagine me, a heartbroken young female, never backpack before, never travel solo before, never experience winter before, never really know Korean language other than few survival word go to this place alone where English is not a common language and not much travel information can be found yet on the internet. I am really not that tech-savvy yet as well, I practically use paper map and sign language to go anywhere.

I didn’t know where I get the courage but somehow I manage to enjoy the whole trip and start backpacking solo ever since.

I love this country sooo much, that every other years, I will visit them as if they are my hometown. But of course, not always visit the same place, because 1 or 2 weeks is never enough time. Too many things to see, too many places to be.

Back to the picture, remember I mentioned that my first trip is a month long in South Korea, that first time was in Seoul & Jeju-do. November 2013 is a cold month, just ended Autumn season and towards Winter. I only manage to be in Jeju for a week, and mainly stay around Segwipo area and Udo Island. This picture was taken in May 2018, just ended Spring and towards Summer. The weather is amazing!

However as much as I like the weather, its super crowded and becoming very touristy. When I was there, while reminiscing a good old memory, I cannot stop thinking how 5 years have change. The place is totally a different place than I always remember. A clean wonderful beautiful Udo island that is in my memory is ruined, so much to the point that I may never want to go there anymore. The people mostly tourist is just noisy, can be rude too. Gone were the nice and polite people I met many years back.

Once passed, thing will never be the same again. I may be so naive to think that this place will remain my amazing sacred sanctuary. Through time, everything can change. Just like us people, we change.

Today, the building I work finally open for people. Luckily my company decided to continue closing and let us work from home until next month. The MCO travel restriction within the same state is lifted, so I can go back to hometown soon.

When I get the memo last night, I am somehow relieve. And part of me realized, that now situation will never be the same again. I am happy to be able to work in office, but I am not happy with the other things that come with it. My company is great, they give us flexibility, but I can already start feeling the stress to finish work before deadline.

Gosh, I now start to miss the past 2 months MCO break too. Sad case. 🙁

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