Not feeling well

I am pretty much down to a fever and gastric today.

Last night, while doing my reading marathon around 1.30 Am, I started to feel uneasy. I never have gastric before, but I keep on feeling nausea and weak. Around 2.00 Am, I started vomiting.

I took some painkillers and Vitamin C, but end up vomiting that out as well.

Since I have asthma, the pain keep pilling and adding up. Many times I am short of breath and coughing my lung out. What a terrible night!

I manage to sleep around 5.00 Am and woke up at 6.30 Am to go to clinic. Luckily there is one just nearby. Get check up, some medicine and Nebuliser, contact my team and informing them my condition and then off to bed.

To summaries, today I basically just sleeping and resting. Haha.

Well, what to do, I am getting old… My life can be pretty boring.

Day 10/365

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