Better Half Done than None

Good Old Days…

When I was in my early twenties, I used to think that I am too fat. But never do I expect, I will get even fatter by age.

Now I am in my early thirties, my weight is catching up pretty quick and my health is failing on me. There were time when I get too sick and tired of being sick and tired. But then, I get so busy and never really do anything about it.

Recent break give me an ample time to reflect. What is the point of living while not really living, I asked myself. And I just couldn’t find the answer. People die so easily. One day you see them here, next minute they are gone just like that. So, if I am to die today, will anybody remember me? Will my work miss me? What will I leave this world behind with?

As I am writing this, ya just a bit too late today because I got caught up with pending task from yesterday.. Yeah, Irony I know.. But I still have to do the work I am committed too even though I am sure nobody will remember that. But yeah, that’s my work integrity.

Anyway, I just finish a half-way exercise. I wanted to finish it all for 30 minutes but my lung is giving me hard time. I am on a day 5 of exercising now, I slowly can see the impact of getting things done for myself. I probably have been neglecting me for soooo long, now I wanted to be there for me again.

It may seem like an excuse but I believe half way done is better than none. Dream big but start small, they say. And in all honestly, I am slightly proud of me for even starting. Never underestimate what a year can do, and never overestimate what a day can do.

Gambateh, MissPip!

Day 11/365

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