Better Half Done than None

Good Old Days…

When I was in my early twenties, I used to think that I am too fat. But never do I expect, I will get even fatter by age.

Now I am in my early thirties, my weight is catching up pretty quick and my health is failing on me. There were time when I get too sick and tired of being sick and tired. But then, I get so busy and never really do anything about it.

Recent break give me an ample time to reflect. What is the point of living while not really living, I asked myself. And I just couldn’t find the answer. People die so easily. One day you see them here, next minute they are gone just like that. So, if I am to die today, will anybody remember me? Will my work miss me? What will I leave this world behind with?

As I am writing this, ya just a bit too late today because I got caught up with pending task from yesterday.. Yeah, Irony I know.. But I still have to do the work I am committed too even though I am sure nobody will remember that. But yeah, that’s my work integrity.

Anyway, I just finish a half-way exercise. I wanted to finish it all for 30 minutes but my lung is giving me hard time. I am on a day 5 of exercising now, I slowly can see the impact of getting things done for myself. I probably have been neglecting me for soooo long, now I wanted to be there for me again.

It may seem like an excuse but I believe half way done is better than none. Dream big but start small, they say. And in all honestly, I am slightly proud of me for even starting. Never underestimate what a year can do, and never overestimate what a day can do.

Gambateh, MissPip!

Day 11/365

Not feeling well

I am pretty much down to a fever and gastric today.

Last night, while doing my reading marathon around 1.30 Am, I started to feel uneasy. I never have gastric before, but I keep on feeling nausea and weak. Around 2.00 Am, I started vomiting.

I took some painkillers and Vitamin C, but end up vomiting that out as well.

Since I have asthma, the pain keep pilling and adding up. Many times I am short of breath and coughing my lung out. What a terrible night!

I manage to sleep around 5.00 Am and woke up at 6.30 Am to go to clinic. Luckily there is one just nearby. Get check up, some medicine and Nebuliser, contact my team and informing them my condition and then off to bed.

To summaries, today I basically just sleeping and resting. Haha.

Well, what to do, I am getting old… My life can be pretty boring.

Day 10/365

Finished 2 books.

My second book this year.. lol. #Girlboss rock!

Day 09/365

Finally! After a long long procrastination, I finally manage to finish reading and listening to audibles and my newly purchased books, 2 of them to be exact. It took a while for me to get this done as I lost motivation to read. Every time I open motivational book, I will either close it back or get distracted.

But today I am proud of myself, I did it!

Once I set my mind to finish reading & listening to Haemin Sunim on “The things you can see only when you slow down”, I gain the momentum. Soon enough, without realizing the time passed, I just spend most hours of my day reading these days.

By late noon after work yesterday, I move to the second book. #Girlboss is really good, I love everything about it. I finish it within a day, still wide awake till very early morning. I am inspired to be a #girlboss too and this book really give me a glance of how I wanted my business to be. Honestly speaking, I wasn’t sure if I ever wanted to have a big company. I want a small team, just enough to give us financial freedom.

Now, I am into a new ebook – The monk who sold his Ferrari. I look forward for new things that I will learn from this book.

So that’s the update for today. I may want to write about it more soon, but for now.. I am just excited for a new adventure. 🙂

See you tomorrow pips.

Never be the same again

Once passed, will never be the same again. Udo Island, Jeju-do

Hello pipsss…

I know I have posted too many Jeju-do pictures nowadays. 🙂

Well that’s because I visited Jeju-do few times in Spring, the weather is nice, food is delicious, people is kind, well some~ and I love this place so much! So many good memory.

I first visited South Korea in November 2013, it was my first ever solo backpacking trip. This is the first country where I truly spend time doing nothing for a month, finding myself again, while relying on people kindness.

Imagine me, a heartbroken young female, never backpack before, never travel solo before, never experience winter before, never really know Korean language other than few survival word go to this place alone where English is not a common language and not much travel information can be found yet on the internet. I am really not that tech-savvy yet as well, I practically use paper map and sign language to go anywhere.

I didn’t know where I get the courage but somehow I manage to enjoy the whole trip and start backpacking solo ever since.

I love this country sooo much, that every other years, I will visit them as if they are my hometown. But of course, not always visit the same place, because 1 or 2 weeks is never enough time. Too many things to see, too many places to be.

Back to the picture, remember I mentioned that my first trip is a month long in South Korea, that first time was in Seoul & Jeju-do. November 2013 is a cold month, just ended Autumn season and towards Winter. I only manage to be in Jeju for a week, and mainly stay around Segwipo area and Udo Island. This picture was taken in May 2018, just ended Spring and towards Summer. The weather is amazing!

However as much as I like the weather, its super crowded and becoming very touristy. When I was there, while reminiscing a good old memory, I cannot stop thinking how 5 years have change. The place is totally a different place than I always remember. A clean wonderful beautiful Udo island that is in my memory is ruined, so much to the point that I may never want to go there anymore. The people mostly tourist is just noisy, can be rude too. Gone were the nice and polite people I met many years back.

Once passed, thing will never be the same again. I may be so naive to think that this place will remain my amazing sacred sanctuary. Through time, everything can change. Just like us people, we change.

Today, the building I work finally open for people. Luckily my company decided to continue closing and let us work from home until next month. The MCO travel restriction within the same state is lifted, so I can go back to hometown soon.

When I get the memo last night, I am somehow relieve. And part of me realized, that now situation will never be the same again. I am happy to be able to work in office, but I am not happy with the other things that come with it. My company is great, they give us flexibility, but I can already start feeling the stress to finish work before deadline.

Gosh, I now start to miss the past 2 months MCO break too. Sad case. 🙁

Day 08/365

Sunday Vibe

Home sweet home

As every other Sunday recently, my day started quite late. I wake up around noon due to my new pastime hobby of reading novel all night long. I downloaded few apps that offer free Novel and fill up my day with wonderful adventure.

I used to love books so much. I love the smell of new books, it give me a sense of calm and peace whenever I touch them. I love spending hours and hours strolling and looking at different type of books in a bookstore. I used to buy so many books but I wasn’t sure since when I get so busy, to not even manage to finish reading a single book that I ever bought.

Ever since I was exposed to the concept of minimalist, I stop buying books and opt for audible or E-book instead. Once in a while I do splurge to buy motivational book, which I know I will take more time reading and understanding them.

Waking up without alarm clock is a tiny pleasure that I really appreciate every weekends. After making coffee, I like to just sit still or lay down and do nothing. Sometimes I feel like a sloth on weekends. Its probably because of the busy weekdays, my energy get so drain by the mid of Saturday. Sometimes I even have to force myself to do a little bit of cleaning and laundry.

There is no difference how I spend my Sunday during normal weekends or MCO weekends. I even feel more grateful having this few month break to enjoy. Today, we heard the announcement that even though Conditional MCO will be extended till 9th June, most business can start by tomorrow. Such a sad news for me. Now I am just waiting for confirmation from our HR whether we need to be in office already or not by tomorrow. Hopefully not, finger crossed!

If ever asked what is my favorite day, that would be Sunday. Coz yeah, who don’t love Sunday right?

Day 07/365

Random Saturday Post

Somewhere in Korea

Day 06/365.

Nothing special happen today, just a regular hot days.

Because I miss Korea’s Spring weather, I scroll back for some old picture. Since we cannot travel yet, lets travel back in memory & imagination.

This picture is amazing and I just love the quotes!

Travel Far Enough, You Meet Yourself.
New Experience

Ya, I need my holiday too, I want to meet myself again and find the new experience soon.

Once MCO end, I promise to travel in my beautiful state to enjoy my new ride and new found freedom.

Love, MissPip.


Hello Kitty Island, Jejudo

There is a saying that goes ; you are a reflection of the people around you.

I really do not understand this very well until recent years.

Back in 2015 – 2016, I was very active in starting up new venture to make money. That year I join a Supplement Company, Mobile dealership & Tupperware and sell like crazy. I even take and passed the exams to become Insurance advisor. I remember very productive days, after work went to class, or went to seminar and even join open booth in the carnivals. All that despite being busy in my work, facing the worst office politics ever and dealing with bad relationship.

Life was hectic, but money was easy. I enjoy being busy and I love the freedom of spending money to travel. That year, I went to Maldives, Korea, New Zealand, Australia and around peninsular Malaysia all by myself. But as time goes by, slowly I lost my momentum. In the end, I only left with a career. All other ventures was a good memory.

Now when I look back, it was all possible because I was surrounded by few very business-minded people. But as one by one of them left, I slowly missing the moral support I needed to keep business alive. Then things get comfortable and life become stable. I lost my mojo.

End of 2017, I remember how I wanted to quit my job as well. I prepare well, have a good few months plan, enough fund but then I got scared. Maybe I was too comfortable that I am afraid to be uncomfortable. And I was persuaded by people’s sweet talk, I was reminded by my career vow, how I am already half way into it. That’s how easy I give up.

What I learn from this experience is that, I realized how vulnerable I can be. Moving forward, If I wanted to be successful in something, I need to be surrounded by the like minded people. Very close to those people. They may not necessarily motivate me every time, by just being around them can make me super committed to the goals.

And truthfully, I miss those people. And sure enough, I miss the freedom from those money.

Hmm well.

Day 05/365

The Road Not Taken

Somewhere in Jeju-do

Have you ever wonder how different would your life be if only you make a decision to take a different path?

I couldn’t help but wonder.

When I reflect upon myself, many times I find myself quite resentful to the fact that I now do not have a choice to make a decision to change my path easily.

If only I know 2020 will be like this. If only I know few months before, world economy will get worse, I wouldn’t go and put myself into my current deep holes.

You see.. back in November 2019, I purchase a new high end car for myself. I super love the car, but now I hate the inability to get out of the commitment to pay them off for another few years of my life.

I make a plan beginning of last year to change a career and look into entrepreneurial by the end of 2020 or early 2021. I already save 6 months worth of expenses and I am planning to save more this year. However, now 2 months in 2020, I started using half month of the saving for survival. Although I still have a job, we are getting a pay-cut, in my case a 50% pay-cut for 2 months now.

There are almost no jobs outside as many business closed their door till maybe few more months. I also think it is not very wise for me to change job now as the process to start over may delay my future plan.

When I planned for a job, I once make this vow to follow. Whenever I resign, I will double it the next employment I have. I know its stupid, but its kinda a promise I make to motivate me to keep going. I will be on my 6th year of the same company by this year, so its time for me to move on. However, it is quite impossible for me to be in a 12th year commitment working in a different company. Hence why I prefer start learning about business for my future.

I am not that young anymore. I may not have a family yet, but I do have a dream to start them very soon in the future. So depending on my career, I will need to have a stable income for me to start doing that. Remember, I dream of staying in a four season country.. How can I afford it if I do not have any income yet?

I wish, really wish.. there will be good that come to me by this year. I hope, really hope that that good luck will make up for all the roads not taken in my past life.

Day 04/365

About Miss Pip

Helloooo.. Today lets have a very casual post. 🙂

One Spring day, Jeju Island
I want to be as pretty as a spring in Jejudo.

Just like back in the old days, MissPip would like to remain anonymous for the time being. One day when I am ready, I will be more open to you. I believe being anonymous can make me more honest and real. In this online world, I know it may be hard to trust the unknown, but a little bit of anonymity can also be helpful.

Not everything you see is what you see, even when you know a person well, that knowledge can still be deceiving.

So yeah, a little bit about me that I can share for now is.. I am a female, this year I am 30+ years old. I work in a travel industry because I love traveling. I am quite introvert, but I like talking to strangers (ok sometimes 🙂 ) I enjoy reading and listening to motivational stuff. People who know me think I am very outspoken and confident, but I myself think the opposite, I am pretty shy and have a lot of inner conflict. Maybe because of my curious nature, I tend to ask more questions than others.

I am still single by choice. I love myself and I really love cats. I like being in charge of my life and making choices without thinking about other people opinion. Most of my weekends is spent either sleeping or watching movie. Adventurous, nah not really. I am a homey girl. I love calm life and people kindness. In short I can be quite selfish sometimes. 🙂

Other than this, I am a very boring person. I can be awkward too. I don’t like to purposely or be arrange to meet strangers. I prefer meeting people by accident and mere co-incident.

My current mission in life is to retire by the age of 40, which is why I am very keen to follow the FIRE movement. I love the idea of minimalist and I love the freedom from having money. I fancy some luxury stuff but only for the purpose of rewarding myself.

When I retire, I want to live in a four season country. I dream of living a country life, farming and fruit picking, a very lay back lifestyle. For now, I think I may want to go to New Zealand or maybe Europe. Maybe once in a while here, I will write about this places I want to be. For thoughts is very important to attract them to come to life.

Hmmm.. well thats pretty much about me, MissPip. Nothing much interesting because I can be quite simple too.

Day 03/365

WordPress Update

Block.. what?

I am having a hard time trying to figure out how to navigate this new feature.

I just updated my WordPress to the latest version of WordPress 5.4.1 this morning and I still do not really understand how the block works. Every time I enter, it keep asking whether I want to add a block.

This is really a big change from the previous version, or maybe its just me because I haven’t update it for a while now. Haha

Other than this, nothing much happen today. I am working all day to get some work done and prepare for upcoming business opening. Yeah, MCO probably lifted in another 1 week, hopefully.

My mission for this upcoming year in this blog, is to learn to journal every single day, even when nothing much to write. I will do it everyday at 7.00PM anyway. I want to take this challenge as a way to discipline myself.

I am sorry, but I am signing off now because this is weird. I will learn how to do this first.

Till then, See you tomorrow.

Day 02/365